My name is Kris Prince and I'm a graphic designer. I have been working in freelance design for nearly six years and the experience I have gained has been monumental. I have provided web and graphic design for many non-profit companies and churches and have always had my work appreciated and used. With the business clients I have had, I have created web and print design, including posters, pamphlets, business cards and email newsletters. I have been involved in the original design meeting and created the initial logo and design aesthetic for a company as well as taken an existing logo and idea and returned with a completely rethought design. Along with the web and print design I have created for businesses, I have also edited video and created final products from existing video clips to be used online and on DVD. In 2011, I became the design editor for Pure&Simple Magazine, a Christian magazine for 12-25 year old young women. The other editors and writers would send the photos and stories and I would design the pages. The design and look of the magazine was entirely mine. I created the logo, all of the magazine, shot and edited video promotionals, designed posters and business cards and ran the social media websites for the magazine. In September 2012, I stepped down from that position as they took another path for the company with an all-female staff. I look forward to working with you on your graphic project!